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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Wulf, Feb 8, 2016.

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    The first 2 weeks I had a lot of fun with the 10" hoverboard.But now, after a very light collission with a brick, it stops working.
    The situation now: When I switch on the hoverboard, it only gives a lightning flash of the lights and a crack noise in the loudspeaker, but nothing else. It doesnt switch on. When I attach the battery loader, it is different. In the first moment it is
    like it was before. I push down the button, the blue lights are shining and the anouncement of the speakers starts. But not more. The green light of the battery charger is shining, but the battery symbol on the hoverboard is orange. When I press down the footpads, it went to red. I already checked all the connections inside. The Samsung battery is nearly new, I loaded it only one time for2 hours. I made a short video on youtube to show the problem, becaues my english is not so good.
    You find it here : youtu.be/fw61cK6P9KY
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Wulf from Germany
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    I found the answer myself, after 3 days studying the internet and specially YOUTUBE videos.
    The problem was not the mainboard, it was the nearly new SAMSUNG BATTERY.
    I measured with a voltmeter 36 V at the cables. So I thought, that there is no problem,
    but it was.
    I took away the blue plastic and also the green paper in which the
    accus were wrapped in and saw by using a magnifying glass, that one connection inside had a bad contact.
    It was good enough to give 36 V to cables, but under load, when I tried to switch the board ON,
    it broke together. After solding this contact the hoverboard works like it should :)
    May be that helps someone who has the same problem.

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    A scratching sound like when you plug your phone into a stereo aux cable? Good catch!
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    Excellent post Wulf!
    Glad you solved your problem, and hopefully this will help someone in the same predicament.

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