Hover board explosions and fires

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Stu, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Ok, so whats the latest on these things "exploding" catching fire and all that stuff that was over the news before Christmas.
    We had one delivered from Santa and all seems OK with it at the moment, i must of charged it about 6 times buy now and its not getting the slightest bit hot.

    I did make a cut off time for the charger lead tat shuts down after 3-4 hours so there is that.

    But so far so good

    I have only seen a handful of fires with these (before Christmas) and they must of sold 1000's..so i was wondering if anyone in any other parts of the world has heard of an increase of issues since Christmas.
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    Absolutely.. the more I go on, the more it seems to me like it was just a few isolated cases where lower quality units met not-so-careful owners. After Amazon pulled all the boards from the site and required certification, there is an even lesser chance of buying a defective unit. Buying directly from a company's website is the only bad idea (they could sell you whatever).

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