Help With Powerassisting A Wheelchair

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Indo Roowet, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I am a veteran and need a wheelchair to move around. I have tried pushing a wheelchair with a hoverboard.
    Going straight forwards or backwards is no problem. Steering, however, with the differential wheel speeds, is almost impossible.

    So now trying to use the hoverboard as a "puller".

    The hoverboard I have, needs 20 lbs of weight on each swivel pad as a minimum (I found out the hard way). When I sit in the wheelchair, and my legs on the swivel pads, I have not enough weight to get the board to move.

    Does anyone know how to reduce that load on the swivel pads or some other way to make the hoverboard move?

    I can push the Hoverboard in a left or right direction, and thus steer the wheelchair in the desired direction. It is just that I have lost almost all my muscles in my hips.

    Anybody has ideas? I can post pics of what I have done so far, but do not know how.

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    Hey Indo,

    Thanks for the message - I'm thinking, have you checked out those hoverboard kart attachments? They use hand levers to push on the pads. Perhaps you can use the levers from one of those, and attach some sort of extension that you can operate from your sitting position in the wheelchair? Say, a couple of guides and PVC pipes attached to the levers. I'm guessing you'd have enough leverage to be able to push down on the pads with enough force fairly easily.

    This is the kind of thing I'm talking about:

    This particular one is ~$80 on Amazon. Please do let me know if this is helpful at all -- in any case, let me know, I will do my best to get you going!

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